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Yellow Brick Road

Life on the Yellow Brick Road Healthy Lifestyle Tobacco and Mind Altering Chemical Cessation Training Program

The Learning Objectives:

  • Assist participants in developing their mind-body-spirit connection to reduce and/or eliminate chemical dependency. 
  • Engage participants in wholistic life skills activities to assist them in healthy lifestyles and rebuilding their character, self-esteem, self- worth and encourages positive value systems.
  • Share wholistic methods that will assist participants in promoting a healthy withdrawal plan, which supports and may prevent relapse.

Life on the Yellow Brick Road is a Wholistic Psycho-Spiritual-Physiological -Social Model Life Transformational Program. The program assist participants challenge with Chemical Mind Altering Substance  Dependency to reduce and/or eliminate their dependency.


It consist of four phases: Assessments, Evaluations, Phases of Change, Life Skills Building and Healthy Lifestyles. There are 12 modules to empower participants in reducing and/or eliminating drugs/alcohol/tobacco from their daily lives. Each module assists in character and self-esteem building through the mind-body- spirit connection. 


Each program activity takes an in-depth view of the harmful, negative and deadly effects, of tobacco, illicit and licit drugs and alcohol has on self, family, friends, the community, and environment.


Life on the Yellow Brick Road Inner Personal Transformational Program discloses the culture of drugs and alcohol  dependency that tie many people to their dependency.

The program provides participants with the tools to influence and strengthen  their will-power in order to reduce and/or eliminate dependency for chemical mind altering  substances.


 Life on the Yellow Brick Road introduces participants to an understanding of healthy lifestyle behavior. It teaches methods of implementing changes in ones eating behaviors in an effort to reduce and/on eliminate the cravens associated with chemical substances dependency.  These methods will inspire participants to change their lifestyles and not just deal with sobriety.

Four Phases:


The Journey Starts Now:

  • Assist participants in Self-evaluations their relationship to: chemical mind altering substances, emotional balance, physical life, health and wellness.


Spirit on the Road:

  • Participants are introduce to a series of self-development life skills modules.

  • Self-esteem, self worth, inner personal skills building that strengthens and assist in eliminating dependencies.  
  • Progressive relaxation skills to reduce the emotional stress of lifestyle changes.


When I Look Around What do I See?:

  • Participants receive tools, and life skills to influence their willpower to free self from the chains of chemical mind-altering substance.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Program promotes healthy eating behavior, and nutritional supplementation to increase participants nutritional values thus aiding in the detoxification process. The process aids in limit withdrawal symptoms that reduces cravens and assist in relapse prevention.
  • Auricular acupuncture is employed to assist in the  withdrawal process creating a calmness and aiding in reducing and/or eliminating cravens and relapse

Stepping into Tomorrow with Both Feet on the Ground:

  • Consist of several modules offering participants tools that can be use to develop a personal maintenance plan.
  • The maintenance plan allows participants to bring stability into their life to reduce the ability of a slip or relapse.
  • Participants are monitored with follow up services

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