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Healthy Lifestyle

The mission of  "A Touch of Life for Health and Wellness"  is to prevent, reduce and/or eliminate the risks of health challenges among under-served populations and the community at large. The Energy Institute of the Healing Arts Foundation and partners aim to decrease the amount of underserved families burdened with chronic disease and poor health outcomes related to healthy lifestyles. A Touch of Life project recognizes that preventive measures such as nutrition, increased physical activity, early detection and intervention may prevent heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, stroke and other chronic disease.

The family training program offers healthy lifestyles education, nutrition and health workshops, life skills training, physical activities, assessments and evaluations from a non-traditional and traditional perspective.



12-weeks training project

      Community or Faith-based setting.

2-hours sessions a week

4- 6—8–months follow-up

Experienced Healthy Life Style Coaches provides educational information and demonstrations that will increase awareness, knowledge and perspective on fitness, relaxation, food preparation and nutrition to improve health in a safe and relaxing environment

Health and Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition is the major element of the A Touch of Life program. Our Healthy Lifestyle Coach educates the community on the relationships between food, overweight, obesity and other health disparities. It instructs on proper food combining, methods of reading food labels, choosing the right food supplements and other nutritional related information.

Physical Activity

Each session begins with a 30-minute physical activity presented by a Certified instructor who guides participants through a series of Qi Gong  or Yoga exercises. The physical activity program is designed to strengthen the body, aid in weight loss, increase cardiovascular output and improve stamina that promotes longevity.

Food Preparation

A Touch of Life program enhances the particiapants abilities to prepare healthy meals and to shop for healthy foods that are cost effective. Our Professional Certified Chief opens a new innovative world to foods that affect healthy lifestyle changes. The Chief guide trainees through the preparation of different types of foods and beverages that are tasty and nourishing and further reduces food addictions and cravings

Progressive Relaxation

Participants are educated to the many relaxation methods that assist them in reducing stress and anxiety. The Art of Visualization and Deep Breathing exercises opens new avenue into the world of calmness and inner peace for trainees.    


After this twelve-week experience there is an increase in participant's awareness of incorporating physical activity in their daily life. They also have a greater understanding for the working relationships between foods, health and healing. The tools participants receive during their twelve-weeks experience encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce the risk of health challenges. Particiapants also witness a reduction in their weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and other health related imbalance at the conclusion of the program.


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