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Children's Health

Strengthen Our Children's Health Program

Strengthen Our Children’s Health (SOCH) is a community based youth health wellness and health literacy program that is part of the Energy Institute of the Healing Arts Foundation’s “Celebration of Life” series. The Strengthen Our Children's Health (SOCH) has been awarded  grants from HSC, Prince George’s County Health Department, Consumer Foundation, Morris & Gwendolyn Kafitz Foundation, Meyers Foundation, Kaiser Permanente and the Meyers Foundation. The Energy Institute has provided this program for the past nine years beginning in one location in Maryland and grow  into  multiple sites in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Site locations include the Glenarden Apartment Complex, Queenstown Housing complex, the Mitchellville School of Science and Technology, the Bladensburg Community Center in Bladensburg Maryland.  Partnering with Edgewood Management Corporation, SOCH program has been presented as an after school and summer program at 8 of their low income housing communities.


The SOCH program introduces youth ages ranging from 6 – 18 years old to healthy lifestyle programs that include lectures, workshops, demonstrations, health and wellnes games, as well as physical activity in the form of Qi Gong, Yoga, and Aerobics. Children also learn the art of meditation to assist them in creating balance within. SOCH teaches youth and adolescents about healthy eating at the same time improving their reading and listening skills through healthy lifestyle games. The games consist of youth teams working in groups to learn and disseminate the information they learn during the session. The game is comprised of learning the components of the body, their elements to maintain health, the foods that shape health, the agencies that govern food, and information regarding health care agencies is also part of materials presented.


Another key component of SOCH is the tobacco awareness segment. tobacco awareness is part of larger “Life on the Yellow Brick Road Tobacco” Prevention and Cessation Program.  During the Yellow Brick Road sessions youth and adolescents are introduced to history of tobacco and its harmful effects. Specific emphasis is on teaching them to recognize how advertisements are targeted towards their age groups. The youth read literature, introduce ideas and concepts to promote prevention and cessation from tobacco products. They have presented skits dramatizing tobacco issues. This has proven to be a most beneficial avenue for them to retain what is taught.


Strengthen Our Children’s Health is a fun, enjoyable learning experience for children and adolescents.  They are introduced to life skills that assist them in navigating their way through the ins and outs of daily living. It improves their self-awareness and provides them with the insight and understanding to live in the world peacefully with others.


During a period in the program, parents join their children in a12 weeks evening program  “The Touch of Life for Health and Wellness Program”, which is primarily an adult program.  The parents receive healthy lifestyle lectures, demonstrations, food and nutritional shopping tips, physical exercise, a healthy meal and a health cookbook.  Parents and children interact in the program to encourage a “family affair” atmosphere. 


Over a seven years period we have witnessed and documented decreases of cholesterol levels and weight in children, adolescents, parents and family members.  Diabetes and cholesterol have significantly decreased in program participants within that past seven years to the point where some of the participants’ physicians have taken them off of their medications. 


The program also assisted in reducing and/or eliminating  effects ADD/ADHD. We have a special interested in introducing methods of decreasing the effects of Autism. This program identifies nutritional deficiencies, heavy metals and other neurotransmitters that disrupt the normal flow of neurological mental stimulation.  It provides protocols in the form of micronutrients, Auricular, Qi Gong exercise, progressive relaxation, heavy metal detoxification and nutritional enhancement to reduce and/or eliminate the effects of Autism. 



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