The Energy Institute of the Healing Arts Foundation
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A Male's Journey To Inner Healing

A man's Journey to Inner healing is a program that assist men and young males to have a better understanding of their self and the world they live in.  It provides them with the essence of what their life could be like is their drew their life force from their inner most strengthen, then living from their physical life. The program opens the way for males to connect their mind, body, spirit.  Men who participate in A Man's Journey work within the compounds of 6 major modules and three minor modules that increase their knownledge of their self, how to set goals for their lives, improve their health and well being, learn leadership skill,and create a peaceful world within.

Who Am I and Were Am I Going

This module work to assist Black Males in understanding where they are in today's world. In group discussions the young and older males discuss the world in which they live in without any judgement of their life from other men. During the discussion the group is able to assist each other in past and present experiences that may provide an insight to the road one can take.

Goal Setting To Light the Way for the Feature

This module assist Black Male in understanding how to develop goals, objective and seat outcomes for their life.

Stepping into Tomorrow with Both Feet on the Ground
Through this module Black Males are about to work through past traumas that may be causing them to behave in an unproductive manner. It introduces them to tools that can aid them in moving forward in their life with a deeper understanding of the how to past the  traumatic experience.

How Many People Live Inside of You

Black Male are ask to identify their many personalities. This exercise allows Black Males to connect with their inner personals. With tools from this module Black Males gain a better understanding of how to manage their daily lives.  They become more in tuned with the way their different personality govern their daily existences.

How Many People Are You Carrying

The dynamics of this module is for Black Males to identify the people in their world, who influence their lives positively and negatively. It also assists them in understanding the emotions they are carrying from these people who are in their world. The tools of this module will aid them in  reducing and/or eliminating these emotions.    

Who is Going to Carry the Light

The work of this module is to assist Black Males in understand their self esteem. It is to aid them in identifying where they think their self esteem is at this point in their life. The module meets Black Males where they are with their self esteem and introduce them to method and tools to enhance their self esteem.

Each of these modules is designed for Black Males ages 8 to elders. The program does not judge any one for any thing they have work with in this life time. It meets Black Males where they are and work to assist them in moving their lives forward in a positive manner.
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